We support organizational, as well as planning and management processes. Areas of our core business are:

– Decentralisation and the strengthening of good governance

We support reform processes to promote decentralisation and strengthening of regional and local action at the national, regional and local levels. To this end, we provide training for local and regional administrations, accompany activities to ensure citizen participation and support the clarification of stakeholder roles at various levels.

– Rural development

We offer our expertise in sustainable development of rural areas to programs and organisations. This includes advice on issues of drinking-water supply and water management, access to affordable and reliable energy, cooperation of consultancy-service providers and producers (and their organisations) as well as the strengthening of self-help initiatives and groups.

– Sustainable food security

We consult and qualify organisations, networks, communities and policy-makers in regard to measures that take into account all dimensions of food security: resource-sustaining agricultural production, social and production infrastructure, diversification, marketing and awareness-building activities for the consumption of quality food in households.

– Local / regional economic development and value chains

We assess local and regional potentials to increase employment and income. In this process we work with producers and their organisations, processors and retailers, public administrations and consulting services. Together we identify missing functions, inefficiencies and management problems in product-specific value chains, and develop solutions.

– Strategies to mitigate and adapt to climate change

Together with stakeholders from public administrations, business and civil society at national, as well as sub-national and local levels, we work on programs and projects aiming at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the successful adaptation to climate change. This includes training and qualification of relevant actors as well as support in the process of implementation.

– Civil conflict transformation