Support for a Challenging Task

Are you asking yourself if you are doing the right thing and if you are doing it properly? Results-oriented monitoring can help you with reviewing and focusing your work.

As a fundamental part of modern management, results-oriented monitoring reaches beyond the mere identification of achieved goals. It examines activities and projects from different perspectives and levels. Based on particular structures, it allows appropriate responses to current states of any given project. Thus it helps in a timely manner to steer and carry out projects and programs with target groups successfully.

Do you care to learn more about the results of your actions and activities in your governmental or non-governmental organisation? We gladly help you to introduce and implement an appropriate results-oriented monitoring scheme.

Our aim is to build on what already exists, meet the information needs of employees and propose manageable methods in a way that does not overburden the project.

Successful examples of our work:

  • For Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), we supported two Water Sector Reform projects in the DRC and in Palestine. There we established and implemented conflict-sensitive and results-oriented monitoring. The program included training of partners.
  • Under commission of the Ugandan Ministry of Energy we collect biannually representative data to measure the economic, social and environmental effects of a rural electrification program.
  • On behalf of GIZ we support the implementation of a results-oriented project management system, advise the creating of a project database and train staff in the use of new procedures and formats for the ASEAN Secretariat.
  • For the Baden-Württemberg-Stiftung, we are building a low-threshold, results-oriented monitoring system, while developing new tender and application forms, meanwhile providing simplified questionnaires to support the beneficiaries of the foundation in their effort to collect data and accompanying data analysis.
  • On behalf of KfW Entwicklungsbank we supported the World Bank Multi-Donor Trust Fund (MDTF) Secretariat’s efforts to implement results-oriented planning and reporting. The MDTF is funded by 11 donor countries and the EU and focuses on supporting the regions bordering Afghanistan. In this regard we carried out capacity building measures for national implementation partners.
  • For GIZ we advised on a program of higher education for Syrian refugees in Jordan. Aspects of the program covered preparing an amended program proposal and the introduction of conflict-sensitive and results-oriented monitoring.