Understanding Communication and Cooperation Relations

Are you seeking to improve communication within your organisation and with your partners in order to better understand and strengthen interaction? Then consider our organisational and network diagnosis skills as valuable tools for you.

Organisational and network diagnosis has increasingly become a core focus of ours, especially with respect to strengthening and improving communication in and between organisations.

In order to grasp complex relationships, the use of analog diagnostic tools is a powerful help:

  • Respectively we were successfully able to apply a systemic diagnosis of a bilateral and multilateral donor-network for the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), which they in turn use to support a coordinated process of drafting and adopting a national health financing reform in 20 countries. Due to the process of re-designing and adapting their own organisational structures, the parties involved essentially became observers of the reform process, as well as initiators, resulting in new insights to the process of change in context to the broader health reform.
  • Organisational diagnosis methods were also applied towards identifying suitable cooperation partners in the field of „renewable energies”. This involved an analysis and evaluation of potential cooperation between specialised institutions with experience in developing and emerging countries, and a GIZ project which dealt with concept development and implementation of market-driven solutions in the area „Sustainable Energy for Food“.