Are you looking for individual, tailor made solutions for your trainings?

Our trainings help specialists and executives professionalise their duties with the help of appropriate and up-to-date methods. People first: The design and implementation of trainings directly reflects specific work context issues.

Training content is oriented on specific needs of the prospective group. We see our role as a supporter of people in their process of acquiring new knowledge and skills. We aim to promote learning and empower people in a sustainable way as follows:

  • Objectives, content and duration of training modules will all be coordinated with responsible managers and/or executives
  • Before starting activities we invariably carry out needs assessments with our client and participants
  • According to the specific client-needs and the work- and organisational context, we develop tailor-made training plans including all relevant learning materials and guidelines as well as offering training for trainers if requested
  • We ensure a conducive learning environment
  • We stimulate self-learning processes which include work-groups dealing with realistic case studies
  • We use a content and context oriented blend of training methods
  • We support learning and dialogue processes by using questions, summaries, and vivid visualisation methods
  • We strive for mutual respect and trust between trainers and participants by means of appropriate appearance and effective feedback mechanisms
  • Together with our clients and the participants we evaluate the relevance of course content, the quality of teaching and methodology as well as the learning success itself

We are aware that even with the best of planning and implementation of training courses, learning outcomes do not necessarily result in immediate changes of behavior. Therefore we offer participants and their work units ongoing support while they attempt to implement what has been learned.